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Ukrainian parliamentary elections 2023

Online voting (first, preliminary)

which political party will you vote for in the in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada 29 October 2023?
For the Future
Political party "For the Future"
(I. Palica)
Victory of Palchevsky
Political party "Victory of Palchevsky"
(A. Palchevskiy)
Self Reliance
Political party "Union "Self Reliance"
(A. Sadovyy)
Servant of the People
Political party "Servant of the People"
(A. Kornienko)
Political party "Proposition"
(A. Pylchenko)
UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms) of Vitaliy Klychko
(V. Klichko)
All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland"
(Y. Timoshenko)
Power of people
Political party "Power of people"
(A. Solontay)
Ukrainian Strategy
Political party "Ukrainian Strategy of Groysman"
(V. Groysman)
Radical Party
Political party "Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko"
(O. Lyashko)
Strength and Honor
Political party "Strength and Honor"
(I. Smeshko)
Civil Position
Political party "Civil Position"
(A. Gricenko)
Our Land
Political party "Our Land"
(A. Kisse)
Political party "Opposition Platform — For Life"
(Y. Boyko, V. Rabinovich, V. Medvedchuk)
Opposition Bloc
Political party "Opposition Bloc"
(V. Novinskiy)
Party of Shariy
Political party "Party of Shariy"
(A. Shariy)
National Corps
Political party "National Corps"
(A. Bileckiy)
Political party "Voice"
(K. Rudik)
Agrarian Party
Agrarian Party of Ukraine
(M. Poplavskiy)
People's Front
Political party "People's Front"
(A. Yacenyuk)
European Solidarity
Political party "European Solidarity"
(P. Poroshenko)
All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom"
(O. Tyagnibok)
Party of Greens of Ukraine
(V. Kononov)
Political party "Ours"
(E. Muraev)
Another party
Another party
Will not vote
Will not vote
The CEC approved the amount of funds for the preparation and holding of the midterm elections on March 27 in the Chernihiv region (constituency No. 206). Amount - 14 528 752 UAH. Of these, the expenses of the OEC and the PEC - 13 million, the expenses of the CEC - 1.2 million (700 thousand of them are the production and delivery of ballots and forms of protocols)
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4 days back
It is impossible to hold the first local elections in certain territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions on March 27, 2022 - such a response was received by the CEC from the Donetsk and Luhansk Regional State Administration-VGA
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The CEC approved an estimate for "Holding Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine" for 2022 for a total of UAH 34 million 681.4 thousand. It calculates the amount of expenses for financing the preparation and holding of the midterm elections of people's deputies in three single-mandate constituencies
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