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The Verkhovna Rada has elected the first vice speaker. It turned out to be Alexander Kornienko from the party of power "Servant of the People". 256 people's deputies voted FOR
3 hours back
The CEC canceled the registration of the self-nominated candidate Dmitry Vasiliev, who ran in district No. 184 (Kherson region) in the midterm elections on October 31. On October 13, he applied to refuse to run for office. There are now 15 candidates left in the district
21 hours back
13 days remain until the midterm elections of people's deputies in two constituencies (No. 184 and No. 197). Today is the last day when registered candidates can apply to the CEC to refuse to vote
1 day back
Kharkiv City Election Commission has determined how the ballot paper for the elections of the mayor on October 31, 2021 will look like: light pink and 10 candidates in alphabetical order
6 days back