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Ukraine Elections (UE) is a specialized platform about elections and the electoral system of Ukraine

We strive to conduct a comprehensive acquaintance with the data on the past and upcoming elections in Ukraine, with the procedures for electing executors to key leadership positions in the public administration system. Our mission is to maximize political awareness and understanding of electoral procedures by all participants in the electoral process, reduce fraud, promote transparency of elections and interest the electorally passive part of the audience.

We do not belong to any political party. The key principles of our work are complete independence, objectivity, impartiality. We are ready to consider any positive impact on the openness and honesty of electoral processes in Ukraine, and, accordingly, on the democratic culture of our state as the success of our work.

The "Ukraine Elections" project was founded on November 6, 2011.

We support three language versions of the site:
1. Ukrainian version,
2. Russian version,
3. English version

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The Verkhovna Rada has elected the first vice speaker. It turned out to be Alexander Kornienko from the party of power "Servant of the People". 256 people's deputies voted FOR
2 hours back
The CEC canceled the registration of the self-nominated candidate Dmitry Vasiliev, who ran in district No. 184 (Kherson region) in the midterm elections on October 31. On October 13, he applied to refuse to run for office. There are now 15 candidates left in the district
20 hours back
13 days remain until the midterm elections of people's deputies in two constituencies (No. 184 and No. 197). Today is the last day when registered candidates can apply to the CEC to refuse to vote
1 day back
Kharkiv City Election Commission has determined how the ballot paper for the elections of the mayor on October 31, 2021 will look like: light pink and 10 candidates in alphabetical order
6 days back