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Online voting system and rules

Since the founding of the Ukraine Elections project and to this day, we have been conducting research on electoral sentiments among visitors to our resource. With the help of Internet polls, the ratings of parties or presidential candidates for the upcoming parliamentary or presidential elections, respectively, are revealed. It should be understood that such surveys are not representative of any territory or country as a whole

Voting system

1. Before holding parliamentary or presidential elections, we offer Internet users to take part in two types of online voting: preliminary and final.

2. Preliminary online voting can start at any time before the elections, and end at any time before the start of the final vote.

3. The final vote begins when the final list of participants in the election is known and ends on the last Friday before election day.

4. The composition of the participants in the preliminary voting is determined by us intuitively based on the data on the popularity of candidates at the time of creating a vote.

5. The final vote for each election is always one and only, there can be any number of preliminary votes

6. Since the final list of participants for the preliminary voting is not known, we introduce the option "Another candidate" ("Other party").

7. In addition to candidates in any type of voting, you can find the option "I will not go to the polls" if you intend not to take part in them.

8. The availability of the voting option "Against all" depends entirely on the existence of this option in the relevant electoral law.

9. There are active and inactive votes. The active ones are those that are being voted on. Voting on inactive (previous) polls has already ended, and you can see only their results.

10. You can vote for a candidate or party only from the main page of active voting, which can be accessed from the menu or from the main page of the site

11. A list of voting options is displayed in random order each time the page is refreshed.

12. One person is prohibited from voting more than once.

13. Any attempt at cheating will be filtered out by us either during the vote, or at the time of the final moderation of votes

14. In order to take part in the vote, you must have an active email to confirm your vote.

15. From the main page of any vote, you can go to the page of the results of this vote.

16. In the results of online voting, you can see a cut of votes by region, gender and age