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Party of Shariy

Flag of "Party of Shariy"
Full title: Political party "Party of Shariy"
Short: Party of Shariy
Ukrainian: Політична партія «Партія Шарія»
Transliteration: Politychna partiia "Partiia Shariia"
Date of foundation: 05.06.2019
Party leader: Shariy Anatoly Anatolyevich
Official website: sharij.com.ua
Ideology: Minarchism
Headquarters city: Kyiv
Party program: sharij.com.ua/program
Registration number: № 267-п.п.
Code EGRPOU: 39644910
Volodymyr Zelenskyy on early parliamentary elections: "I believe that there is no sense in dissolving the Rada today from the point of view of stability, in the first place. If the deputies work, everything is fine, and if they do not work, there will be no sense in the Rada."
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The CEC proposed a draft of a new division of electoral districts: a total of 202 districts (now there are 225) are formed taking into account the boundaries of new districts and communities, the system will be applied in the next national elections, which will be held according to the proportional system with open lists
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