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Flag of "PZU"
Full title: Party of Greens of Ukraine
Short: PZU
Ukrainian: Партія Зелених України
Transliteration: Partiia Zelenykh Ukrainy
Date of foundation: 30.09.1990
Party leader: Kononov Vitaly Nikolaevich
Official website: www.greenparty.ua
Headquarters city: Kyiv
Party program: www.greenparty.ua/about/program-of-party
Registration number: № 80
Code EGRPOU: 00047728
The CEC approved the amount of funds for the preparation and holding of the midterm elections on March 27 in the Chernihiv region (constituency No. 206). Amount - 14 528 752 UAH. Of these, the expenses of the OEC and the PEC - 13 million, the expenses of the CEC - 1.2 million (700 thousand of them are the production and delivery of ballots and forms of protocols)
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It is impossible to hold the first local elections in certain territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions on March 27, 2022 - such a response was received by the CEC from the Donetsk and Luhansk Regional State Administration-VGA
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The CEC approved an estimate for "Holding Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine" for 2022 for a total of UAH 34 million 681.4 thousand. It calculates the amount of expenses for financing the preparation and holding of the midterm elections of people's deputies in three single-mandate constituencies
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