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Flag of "Freedom"
Full title: All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom"
Short: Freedom
Ukrainian: Всеукраїнське об’єднання «Свобода»
Transliteration: Vseukrainske obiednannia "Svoboda"
Date of foundation: 13.10.1991
Party leader: Tyagnibok Oleg Yaroslavovich
Official website: www.svoboda.org.ua
Political views: Ultra-right
Ideology: Nationalism
Headquarters city: Kyiv
Party program: svoboda.org.ua/party/program
Registration number: № 686
Code EGRPOU: 00013215
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The Committee of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning recommends that the parliament appoint early elections for the mayors of Zaporozhye, Berdyansk and Svalyava on October 30, 2022. Now the final decision is up to the Verkhovna Rada
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There are 60 days left before the midterm elections of the people's deputy in constituency No. 206 (Chernihiv region), which means that the electoral process will start today. The CEC accepts documents for the registration of candidates until February 24. The next day after registration, the candidate can start campaigning
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