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Flag of "Freedom"
Full title: All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom"
Short: Freedom
Ukrainian: Всеукраїнське об’єднання «Свобода»
Transliteration: Vseukrainske obiednannia "Svoboda"
Date of foundation: 13.10.1991
Party leader: Tyagnibok Oleg Yaroslavovich
Official website: www.svoboda.org.ua
Political views: Ultra-right
Ideology: Nationalism
Headquarters city: Kyiv
Party program: svoboda.org.ua/party/program
Registration number: № 686
Code EGRPOU: 00013215
Kharkiv City Election Commission has determined how the ballot paper for the elections of the mayor on October 31, 2021 will look like: light pink and 10 candidates in alphabetical order
2 days back
The CEC canceled the registration of three candidates for people's deputies: Viktor Shevchenko in district No. 197 (Cherkasy region), and Yuri Kolykhaev and Gennady Borisovich Laguta in district No. 184 (Kherson region). On October 12, these candidates submitted applications to the CEC to refuse to run.
3 days back
3 days back
The candidate for the post of Kharkiv mayor, the head of the Party of Pensioners of Ukraine Mykola Kukurika submitted an application to refuse to participate in the early elections of the Kharkiv mayor. This was announced by the head of the city election committee Elena Matvienko. Thus, only 11 candidates remain.
4 days back