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Midterm elections of People's Deputy 31 October 2021

Districts: No. 184 (Kherson oblast), No. 197 (Cherkasy oblast)

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During election campaign, the Commission forms the composition of the election participants, and on the night after the voting day 31 October 2021, final protocols begin to arrive from the polling stations. By-elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ends within 15 days after voting day with the establishment of official results. On this page, we present a list of candidates, as well as intermediate and final results of voting in real time.
Election date: 31 October 2021
Number of election participants: 45
Number of voters: 292 789

Midterm elections of People's Deputy

District Candidates Turnout Voted
District 184, Kherson oblast 15 - -
District 197, Cherkasy oblast 25 - -
The printing house "Factor" started printing ballots for the election of the mayor of Kharkov. On October 13, the electoral commission received the voter lists, and on October 18 signed an agreement with the printing house. Just over 1 million bulletins are printed, taking into account 0.5% for each site - KHARKIV Today
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Meanwhile, there are only 10 days left until the early elections of the mayor of Kharkiv, and today every voter in the city should receive a personal invitation to visit the polling station on October 31
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