Mayoral elections in Kharkov 31 October 2021

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Terekhov took the oath after the chairman of the city territorial election commission Elena Matvienko announced his registration as the mayor of Kharkov.
The Kharkiv Regional Administrative Court dismissed the claims of the Opora Civic Network against the Novobavarskaya, Osnovyanskaya and Kholodnogorskaya TECs regarding the recount of votes at 40 precincts in the elections for the mayor of Kharkiv. OPORA is going to appeal
Mikhail Dobkin: "After checking the protocols in favor of Igor Terekhov, 1,585 votes were added to the final protocol. It is possible that we will not demand a recount of votes, but the cancellation of the election results." 1585 votes is -0.55% and on the verge of the second round
OPORA: "Comparison of the protocols from the polling stations with the protocols of the territorial election commissions of Kharkiv continues. Currently, the discrepancy is 572 votes, transferred from other candidates in favor of candidate Igor Terekhov." And this is already 0.2%
OPORA: The decisions of the Kharkiv city commission will be appealed in court. We have time for all legal actions and we have a goal: to establish why the data in the protocols from the polling stations differ from the data that were included in the protocols of 2 district TECs. The electoral process continues
Thus, Igor Terekhov becomes the new mayor of Kharkov. Limiting himself to one round, he wins with a score of 50.66% (146,240 votes)
At about 20:00 on November 1, the Kharkiv city election commission adopted the last protocol of the Osnovyanskaya district TEC. Now we are awaiting the announcement of the official results of the elections of the mayor of Kharkiv
OPORA: "In the Novobavarsky district of the city of Kharkov, at 9 precincts, protocols on the election results in favor of Igor Terekhov were falsified. As a result, the number of votes for Nemichev and Skorik decreased by 160 and 237, respectively, and for Terekhov, increased by 397"
In Kharkiv, a continuous meeting of the city TEC continues, the results of the mayoral elections can be announced today, November 1. As of 17:00, the city commission received 8 protocols of counting votes in district commissions, there is only one protocol from Osnovyanskaya district
At about 13:00, the election commission of the Moskovsky district brought the protocol to the election committee, the results: Igor Terekhov - 27,193 votes (48.79%), Mikhail Dobkin - 16,635 votes (29.85%)
At the polling stations in Kharkiv on October 31, 3,500 citizens were vaccinated against the coronavirus. In total, there were 40 vaccination points at the polling stations, another medical team was "in the wings" - the vice-mayor of Kharkov Svetlana Gorbunova-Ruban
Will there be a second round in Kharkov? The intrigue remains after the data from 4 districts: Novobavarskaya TEC - Terekhov 58.84%, Dobkin 25.96%. Nemyshlyanskaya TEC - Terekhov 51.57%, Dobkin 27.93%. Kiev TEC - Terekhov 50.31%, Dobkin 26.87%. Shevchenko TEC - Terekhov 46.37%, Dobkin 28.42%
OPORA published the results of its parallel vote count in Kharkiv: Igor Terekhov gains 50.06% of the votes, Mikhail Dobkin - 28.21%, Skorik - 5.6%, Nemichev - 4.45%, Mustafayeva - 3.37%, error - 1%
The first regional TEC of Kharkiv counted the votes and passed the protocols. The Novobavarsky district commission arrived at the election committee at about 10:20. In total, 24,138 voters received ballots: Terekhov - 14,204 votes (58.8%), Dobkin - 6,268 votes (26%) - the head of the election commission Elena Matvienko
Kharkiv is actively summing up the results of the elections. Protocols and ballots from polling stations are taken to district TECs. In the afternoon, all documents from the district TECs will be brought to the city election commission and, after processing, the official results will be announced - "Suspilne"
Press service of the National Police in the Kharkiv region: "During the elections of the mayor of Kharkiv, no gross violations of law and order were recorded. All 605 polling stations closed on time. A total of 52 reports of possible violations of the law were received. Two criminal proceedings were opened."
Mikhail Dobkin's reaction: "The turnout is 28%. According to our polls, 41% are Terekhov, 35% are I. And this is despite all their efforts to pull the pro-government candidate by the ears. I will soon publish the first results of the parallel counting. We fight further. Nobody intends to concede! "
The final turnout from the CEC as of 20:00 in Kharkiv is 28.29%. For comparison, in the local elections a year ago, the turnout in the same city was 31.3%.
I am grateful to all Kharkiv residents for the fact that we passed the elections calmly. I am grateful to everyone who took part in them. I think that the current situation in Kharkiv is stable and will be stable in the future - Igor Terekhov's comment on the exit poll results
The voter turnout in Kharkiv as of 20:00 is 28.6% (error 1.1%) - data from the parallel calculation of the OPORA civil network directly at the polling stations
There are exactly two hours left before the polling stations close. If you haven't voted yet, it's time to do it!
The press service of the National Police in the Kharkiv region claims that the information about the termination of voting at polling station No. 631261 does not correspond to reality. Earlier there was information that at about 14:00 at this site the head of the commission stopped the voting procedure
Voter turnout in Kharkiv as of 16:00 is 22.7% (margin of error 0.9%) - data from parallel counting of the OPORA civil network directly at the polling stations
The main problem in the elections of the mayor of Kharkiv is the disclosure of the results of the expression of the will of citizens. As of 12.00, such facts were recorded at 6.85% of polling stations. At 3.65% of polling stations there were procedural violations of illegal issuance of ballots - OPORA
The official turnout from the CEC as of 13:00 in Kharkiv is 12.8%
As of 12:00, the police have registered 22 reports of violations of the electoral law. Checks are underway. Five residents complained to the police that they were not allowed to vote with their passports in the application "Diya" - press service of the National Police in the Kharkiv region
Observers of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine report on the main violations during the mayoral elections in Kharkiv: transportation of voters, controlled voting, illegal campaigning
The voter turnout in Kharkiv as of 12:00 is 12.4% (margin of error 0.6%) - data from a parallel calculation of the OPORA civil network
Igor Terekhov and Mikhail Dobkin have already voted in the elections in Kharkov. The candidates said that the turnout in the elections was low due to the coronavirus and the statement by Mikhail Radutsky about the alleged need for a vaccination passport or PCR test for voting. Then it was denied by the CEC
In Kharkov, at the polling station No. 631306 on the street. Olesya Gonchara, the OPORA observer recorded the signing of an empty protocol. It already contains the signatures of the chairman, deputy, secretary and members of the PEC. This is already a criminal offense
Low turnout is recorded at polling stations in Kievsky, Shevchenkovsky and Osnovyansky districts of Kharkov. According to the expert of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Vitaliy Nosachev, the turnout is less than 10%
Briefing Kharkiv TEC: "As of 8:00, we received information from nine territorial election commissions from 605 polling stations. All of them opened on time, the total number of voters on the lists is 1,017,364 voters."
At the polling stations located in Kharkiv schools, 41 COVID-19 vaccination points will open on October 31. Points will work from 9:00 to 18:00. Medical teams will have vaccines "Coronavac", "Pfizer", "AstraZeneca"
According to the police, as of 8:15 am, the electoral process is being carried out at 604 precincts in the city of Kharkiv. One special stage in Nemyshlyansky district did not open on time due to illness of two members of the commission
Voting will begin on October 31 at 8:00 and end at 20:00. To receive the newsletter, be sure to present your passport (book or id-card). E-passport is not accepted. Be sure to bring your pen and mask with you. Do not forget to set the clock back one hour. Happy voting!
Since the beginning of the election campaign, the Kharkiv police have received 60 statements and reports on violations of electoral legislation. The ERDR contains information about 8 criminal proceedings: 1 - on the fact of violation of the electoral legislation, 7 - related to the electoral process
Mikhail Radutsky denied his statements regarding the verification of COVID certificates at the polling stations: "I commented on the government decree No. 1236, but the Electoral Code is higher than the government decree. No one will disrupt the elections, they will only require a mask and distance."
Less than a day is left until the election of the mayor of Kharkiv. Today, October 30, is the day of silence before voting day. Campaigning is prohibited. Law enforcers warn - they will promptly respond to any violations
Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Health of the Nation Mikhail Radutsky on the air of the program "Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster" said that on October 31 voters will have a vaccination certificate, a PCR test, or an antigen test
There are only 2 days left until the election of the mayor of Kharkiv. Today is the last day of campaigning for candidates, and precinct election commissions begin to accept ballots
Less than 3 days remain until the election of the mayor of Kharkiv. Today, the body for maintaining the State Voter Register submits the updated voter list to precinct election commissions.
In the elections of the mayor of Kharkiv and the midterm elections to parliament on October 31, 8,500 law enforcement officers will work. Two district election commissions and all territorial election commissions have already been taken under protection - Deputy Head of the National Police Oleksandr Fatsevich
On Tuesday, in Kharkiv, the city electoral commission handed over the ballots to the territorial electoral commissions. In total, they were made in the amount of 1 million 40 thousand 609 pieces - the OPORA civil network
In the period from 9 to 10 October, the district TECs of Kharkiv formed 605 PECs: 54 small, 74 medium and 477 large. In total, the commissions included 9,700 people. Igor Terekhov has the most representatives in the PEC leadership - 156 people, Mikhail Dobkin - 112 people, Alexander Kondrusik - 103 people
If the restrictions of the red quarantine zone are introduced in the city before the election day of the mayor of Kharkiv, the elections will still take place. Legislation allows conducting the electoral process in the "red zone" - Director of the Health Department of the Kharkiv Regional Administration Maxim Khaustov
The printing house "Factor" started printing ballots for the election of the mayor of Kharkov. On October 13, the electoral commission received the voter lists, and on October 18 signed an agreement with the printing house. Just over 1 million bulletins are printed, taking into account 0.5% for each site - KHARKIV Today
Meanwhile, there are only 10 days left until the early elections of the mayor of Kharkiv, and today every voter in the city should receive a personal invitation to visit the polling station on October 31
Kharkiv City Election Commission has determined how the ballot paper for the elections of the mayor on October 31, 2021 will look like: light pink and 10 candidates in alphabetical order
The candidate for the post of Kharkiv mayor, the head of the Party of Pensioners of Ukraine Mykola Kukurika submitted an application to refuse to participate in the early elections of the Kharkiv mayor. This was announced by the head of the city election committee Elena Matvienko. Thus, only 11 candidates remain.
There are 20 days left until the early elections of the mayor of Kharkiv. Today is the last day when candidates can apply to the electoral committee to refuse to run for office
The Kharkiv Territorial Election Commission has canceled the registration of the candidate for the position of Kharkiv Mayor Valery Stanislavovich Govorov. Thus, 12 candidates remain on the list.
One of the candidates for mayor of Kharkiv refused to participate in the elections: Valery Govorov filed an application for his refusal to run on October 4. The decision to exclude Valery Govorov from the list of candidates will be made by the commission at a meeting on Thursday, October 7
Today, September 30, is the last day when candidates for mayor of Kharkiv can apply for registration with the CEC
Today, September 11, the electoral process officially starts in Kharkiv at the early elections of the Kharkiv mayor, which will be held on October 31. The nomination of candidates will take place from 21 to 30 September
The head of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, David Arakhamia, said that the party will not nominate its candidate for the mayoral elections of Kharkov on October 31, 2021, since the party "does not have a strong candidate that could fight."
The city and regional organizations of the European Solidarity party nominated Oleksandr Skorik as a candidate for mayor of Kharkiv. The decision was supported by the head of the party Petro Poroshenko during a visit to Kharkiv
About 55.7 million hryvnias were allocated from the budget for the early elections of the mayor of Kharkiv on October 31, 2021
There are two main candidates in Kharkov. I, as the deputy head of the President's Office, cannot campaign. And that's how it goes according to opinion polls, so it will end. The second candidate is shaking the situation through the media, but I think the elections there will take place calmly and without surprises - Kirill Tymoshenko
First Deputy Head of the Servant of the People faction Oleksandr Kornienko does not exclude that Arsen Avakov may become a candidate from their political force in the elections Kharkiv mayor
There are exactly 150 days left until the election of the mayor of Kharkov. Election campaign starts in 100 days - September 11, 2021
The Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution on holding early elections for the Kharkiv mayor on October 31, 2021. 249 people's deputies voted for the resolution
The Verkhovna Rada registered a resolution on holding early elections for the Kharkiv mayor on October 31, 2021 - Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on State Power Oleksandr Kachura
Due to the fact that there was some kind of leapfrog with documents and the Verkhovna Rada was unable to obtain a death certificate for Gennady Kernes, elections in Kharkov should be expected in the fall - Deputy Head of the President's Office Kirill Timoshenko
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Petro Poroshenko said that he intends to nominate his candidacy in the next presidential elections in Ukraine: “Yes, I am going to participate in the next presidential elections. But first, for these elections we need a victory.”
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Today, March 31, 2024, at this time, sociological companies could publish the preliminary results of the presidential elections in Ukraine, but this will not happen due to the ongoing aggression of the Russian Federation. Of course, elections will be held after Ukraine’s victory!
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