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Mayoral elections in Kharkov 31 October 2021

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11 September 2021
The electoral process starts
12 September 2021
TECs form territorial constituencies. Political parties submit to the CEC copies of the decision of the highest governing body on the participation of its local organizations in the elections of the mayor of Kharkov
16 September 2021
The last day on which citizens of Ukraine can submit applications for a change in their electoral address to the State Register of Voters
20 September 2021
Public organizations must apply to the CEC for permission to have official election observers
21 September 2021
The nomination and registration of candidates for the position of the mayor of Kharkiv from political parties and in the order of self-nomination begins
30 September 2021
The nomination of candidates for mayor of Kharkiv and the submission of documents for registration at the TEC is nearing completion
5 October 2021
Territorial election commissions complete registration of candidates for mayor of Kharkiv
6 October 2021
The last day when candidates for the position of mayor submit to the territorial election commission nominations on candidates for the composition of precinct election commissions
6 October 2021
A candidate can start campaigning the next day after registration
8 October 2021
By this day, the TEC should publish information on the registration of candidates
11 October 2021
The last day on which candidates can apply to the TEC with a statement to refuse to vote
12 October 2021
By this day, the TEC must make all decisions to cancel the registration of candidates for mayor of Kharkiv
13 October 2021
TEC approves the shape, color and text of ballots for voting
15 October 2021
TEC creates precinct election commissions
20 October 2021
Production of ballots is provided in a centralized manner on the basis of an agreement concluded between the TEC and state printing enterprises
21 October 2021
Precinct election commissions send or deliver in another way to each voter a personal invitation
25 October 2021
The CEC makes decisions on registration or refusal to register official observers from foreign states, international organizations
28 October 2021
Precinct election commissions begin to accept ballots
28 October 2021
The body for maintaining the State Voter Register submits the updated voter list to precinct election commissions
29 October 2021
The deadline for the submission by the voter to the precinct election commission by mail or through other persons of a handwritten application with a request to provide him with a vote at his place of stay, together with a certificate from a medical institution on the state of the voter's health
29 October 2021
Campaigning for candidates for mayor of Kharkiv ends
30 October 2021
Day of silence before voting day. Campaigning is prohibited
31 October 2021
Precinct election commissions hold a preparatory meeting
31 October 2021
Polling stations are opening. Voting begins
31 October 2021
End of voting. Polling stations are closing
31 October 2021
12 November 2021
No later than 12 days after voting day, the TEC establishes the election results
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The Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regulatory Development and Urban Development recommends that the parliament appoint elections for the mayor of Zolotonosha (Cherkasy region) for March 27, 2022. The elections are being held because the mayor of the city Vitaly Voitsekhovsky won the midterm elections of the people's deputy in district 184 on Oct
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8 days back
Verkhovna Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk will not sign a submission to the Constitutional Court on the possible postponement of elections to the Rada: "I will not appeal to the Constitutional Court, but I do not object to the right that 45 people's deputies are entitled to apply to the Constitutional Court. I will not sign such a submission."
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