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Presidential elections in Ukraine 2019

Online voting (third, final)

final voting ended!
which candidate will you vote for in the in the elections of the President of Ukraine 31 March 2019?
Alexander Solovev
Alexander Nikolaevich Solovev
Date of Birth: 13.07.1973
Party: Reasonable force
Igor Shevchenko
Igor Anatolyevich Shevchenko
Date of Birth: 10.01.1971
Party: non-partisan
Alexander Shevchenko
Alexander Leonidovich Shevchenko
Date of Birth: 08.04.1971
Party: For the Future
Roman Nasirov
Roman Mikhailovich Nasirov
Date of Birth: 03.03.1979
Party: non-partisan
Evgeniy Muraev
Evgeniy Vladimirovich Muraev
Date of Birth: 02.12.1976
Party: Ours
Sergey Kaplin
Sergey Nikolaevich Kaplin
Date of Birth: 15.12.1979
Party: SDP
Ruslan Rygovanov
Ruslan Aleksandrovich Rygovanov
Date of Birth: 31.07.1974
Party: non-partisan
Anatoly Gricenko
Anatoly Stepanovich Gricenko
Date of Birth: 25.10.1957
Party: Civil Position
Pyotr Poroshenko
Pyotr Alexeyevich Poroshenko
Date of Birth: 26.09.1965
Party: non-partisan
Dmitriy Gnap
Dmitriy Vladimirovich Gnap
Date of Birth: 19.12.1977
Party: Power of people
Oleg Lyashko
Oleg Valeryevich Lyashko
Date of Birth: 03.12.1972
Party: Radical Party
Vasiliy Zhuravlev
Vasiliy Nikolaevich Zhuravlev
Date of Birth: 05.04.1970
Party: Stability
Alexander Moroz
Alexander Aleksandrovich Moroz
Date of Birth: 29.02.1944
Party: SPU
Victor Bondar
Victor Vasilyevich Bondar
Date of Birth: 05.11.1975
Party: Revival
Nikolai Gaber
Nikolai Aleksandrovich Gaber
Date of Birth: 29.10.1960
Party: Patriotic Party
Vladimir Petrov
Vladimir Vladimirovich Petrov
Date of Birth: 20.11.1977
Party: non-partisan
Yuri Timoshenko
Yuri Vladimirovich Timoshenko
Date of Birth: 03.04.1961
Party: non-partisan
Andrei Novak
Andrei Yaremovich Novak
Date of Birth: 24.01.1973
Party: Patriot
Dmitriy Dobrodomov
Dmitriy Evgenyevich Dobrodomov
Date of Birth: 13.01.1977
Party: People's control
Roman Bessmertnyy
Roman Petrovich Bessmertnyy
Date of Birth: 15.11.1965
Party: non-partisan
Gennady Balashov
Gennady Viktorovich Balashov
Date of Birth: 20.02.1961
Party: 5.10
Sergey Taruta
Sergey Alexeyevich Taruta
Date of Birth: 23.07.1955
Party: Osnova
Yuri Derevyanko
Yuri Bogdanovich Derevyanko
Date of Birth: 07.05.1973
Party: Will
Yulia Litvinenko
Yulia Leonidovna Litvinenko
Date of Birth: 07.11.1976
Party: non-partisan
Vitaly Kupriy
Vitaly Nikolaevich Kupriy
Date of Birth: 20.08.1973
Party: non-partisan
Alexander Vilkul
Alexander Yuryevich Vilkul
Date of Birth: 24.05.1974
Party: Opposition Bloc
Yuri Boyko
Yuri Anatolyevich Boyko
Date of Birth: 09.10.1958
Party: OPFL
Olga Bogomolec
Olga Vadimovna Bogomolec
Date of Birth: 22.03.1966
Party: non-partisan
Yulia Timoshenko
Yulia Vladimirovna Timoshenko
Date of Birth: 27.11.1960
Party: Fatherland
Victor Krivenko
Vladimir Zelenskiy
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelenskiy
Date of Birth: 25.01.1978
Party: non-partisan
Inna Bogoslovskaya
Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya
Date of Birth: 05.08.1960
Party: non-partisan
Sergey Nosenko
Sergey Mikhailovich Nosenko
Date of Birth: 28.09.1969
Party: non-partisan
Ruslan Koshulinskiy
Ruslan Vladimirovich Koshulinskiy
Date of Birth: 09.09.1969
Party: Freedom
Igor Smeshko
Igor Petrovich Smeshko
Date of Birth: 17.08.1955
Party: Strength and Honor
Andrei Sadovyy
Andrei Ivanovich Sadovyy
Date of Birth: 19.08.1968
Party: Self Reliance
Ilya Kiva
Ilya Vladimirovich Kiva
Date of Birth: 02.06.1977
Party: SPU
Yuri Karmazin
Yuri Anatolyevich Karmazin
Date of Birth: 21.09.1957
Party: non-partisan
Sergey Krivonos
Sergey Grigorievich Krivonos
Date of Birth: 01.01.1971
Party: ATO Warriors
Alexander Vaschenko
Alexander Mikhailovich Vaschenko
Date of Birth: 04.05.1962
Party: non-partisan
Vitaly Skocik
Vitaly Evstafievich Skocik
Date of Birth: 15.03.1972
Party: Agrarian Party
Alexander Danilyuk
Alexander Vladimirovich Danilyuk
Date of Birth: 26.09.1981
Party: Common Cause
Arkady Kornackiy
Arkady Alexeyevich Kornackiy
Date of Birth: 07.07.1953
Party: non-partisan
The Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regulatory Development and Urban Development recommends that the parliament appoint elections for the mayor of Zolotonosha (Cherkasy region) for March 27, 2022. The elections are being held because the mayor of the city Vitaly Voitsekhovsky won the midterm elections of the people's deputy in district 184 on Oct
3 days back
4 days back
Verkhovna Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk will not sign a submission to the Constitutional Court on the possible postponement of elections to the Rada: "I will not appeal to the Constitutional Court, but I do not object to the right that 45 people's deputies are entitled to apply to the Constitutional Court. I will not sign such a submission."
5 days back
Former Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov confirmed his participation in the presidential and parliamentary elections: “I took part in all the elections. I think I will also take part in the next elections. parliamentary "
7 days back