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Mayoral elections in Krivoy Rog. Second round 6 December 2020

Exit polls
During election campaign, the Commission forms the composition of the election participants, and on the night after the voting day 6 December 2020, final protocols begin to arrive from the polling stations. Mayoral elections in Krivoy Rog ends within 15 days after voting day with the establishment of official results. On this page, we present a list of candidates, as well as intermediate and final results of voting in real time.
Election date: 6 December 2020

Mayoral elections

City Candidates Voters Turnout Voted
Kryvyi-Rih 2 487 767 35,14 166 960
Senior White House official: Our intelligence sees confirmation that Russia is planning an accession referendum in Kherson, Zaporozhye and the so-called LDNR. The US does not recognize such a referendum. We will respond quickly and firmly
4 days back
Poll Rating commissioned by the International Republican Institute (IRI): 72% of Ukrainians are ready to vote in a referendum for Ukraine's accession to NATO, 7% - against, 15% - will not take part in the referendum. 80% of Ukrainians are in favor of Ukraine's accession to the EU
4 days back
Info Sapiens poll among residents of the occupied territories: 82% of respondents will not go to the "referendum" organized by the Russian Federation. Only 9% are going to vote in such a pseudo-referendum. Only 6.8% of respondents are in favor of joining their region to the Russian Federation
5 days back
Institute for the Study of War (ISW): Kremlin's Change of Plans Shows Occupation Forces Likely to Change Date of Annexation Referendums in Occupied Ukraine
6 days back