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Slavyansk. Elections of mayor 25 October 2020

Election date: 25 October 2020
Election region: Slavyansk
Election type: Mayoral elections
Number of candidates: 6
Number of voters: 85 684
Total voted FOR: 27 105
Turnout: -
Processed Protocols: 100,00 %

Election results

Registered candidate Votes FOR (%)
Pridvorov Pavel Anatolyevich
8 542
Registration date: 26.09.2020
Nominated: OPFL
Date of Birth: 05.02.1971
Place of Birth: Slavyansk, Donetsk oblast
Lyah Vadim Mikhailovich
8 300
Registration date: 24.09.2020
Nominated: Opposition Bloc
Date of Birth: 16.03.1973
Shtepa Nelya Igorevna
4 596
Registration date: 21.09.2020
Nominated: Party for Peace and Development
Date of Birth: 13.09.1962
Place of Birth: Slavyansk, Donetsk oblast
Altunina Olga Nikolaevna
3 921
Registration date: 26.09.2020
Date of Birth: 03.01.1975
Place of Birth: Kharkov
Seklecov Andrei Vladimirovich
1 110
Registration date: 24.09.2020
Nominated: Our Land
Date of Birth: 25.05.1968
Nedoseka Evgeniy Fedorovich
Registration date: 26.09.2020
Nominated: Self-nominated
Date of Birth: 16.07.1979
Place of Birth: Slavyansk, Donetsk oblast

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