KIIS, 6 June 2023

Opinion poll region: Lviv
Time frame of poll: 23.03.2023 - 13.04.2023
Number of respondents: 2018
Sampling error: 3.3%
Polling method: CAPI
Survey was conducted: Kyiv international institute of sociology
Survey publication date: 6 June 2023

Politicians approval ratings

Question: How much do you trust such politicians?

Approval rating of government and social institutions

Question: How much do you trust such government and social institutions?
11 days back
Petro Poroshenko said that he intends to nominate his candidacy in the next presidential elections in Ukraine: “Yes, I am going to participate in the next presidential elections. But first, for these elections we need a victory.”
13 days back
Today, March 31, 2024, at this time, sociological companies could publish the preliminary results of the presidential elections in Ukraine, but this will not happen due to the ongoing aggression of the Russian Federation. Of course, elections will be held after Ukraine’s victory!
16 days back
21 days back