Local elections 31 October 2021

Election of mayors of Terebovlya, Lipovets and Komarno

Results and candidates
During election campaign, the Commission forms the composition of the election participants, and on the night after the voting day 31 October 2021, final protocols begin to arrive from the polling stations. Ukrainian regional elections ends within 15 days after voting day with the establishment of official results. On this page, we present a list of candidates, as well as intermediate and final results of voting in real time.
Election date: 31 October 2021

Mayoral elections

City Candidates Voters Turnout Voted
Terebovlia 5 23 181 39,66 9 194
Lipovets 10 16 854 48,00 8 091
Komarno 5 10 553 - 4 359

City Council elections

City Council seats Parties Candidates Voters Turnout Voted
Carlovka 26 16 378 17 984 - 7 642
KIIS poll: 53% of Ukrainians surveyed believe that Vladimir Zelensky should run for a second term in the event of presidential elections in Ukraine, 43% are against this. In December 2023, this ratio was 59% to 34%
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KIIS poll: 69% of Ukrainians surveyed believe that Vladimir Zelensky should remain as president until the end of martial law; 15% - for elections during the war; 10% believe that Zelensky should resign and transfer powers to the head of the Verkhovna Rada
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