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Mayoral elections in Chernivtsi. Second round 29 November 2020

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During election campaign, the Commission forms the composition of the election participants, and on the night after the voting day 29 November 2020, final protocols begin to arrive from the polling stations. Mayoral elections in Chernivtsi ends within 15 days after voting day with the establishment of official results. On this page, we present a list of candidates, as well as intermediate and final results of voting in real time.
Election date: 29 November 2020

Mayoral elections

City Candidates Voters Turnout Voted
Chernivtsi 2 185 727 22,65 41 605
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Elections to the State Duma of the VIII convocation began in Russia. Russians elect 450 deputies. The elections will last until Sunday, September 19. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine urged international organizations not to recognize the results of the vote
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The Verkhovna Rada received documents regarding the appointment of early elections for the mayor of Krivoy Rog. Parliament now has 90 days to make a decision - Alexander Kachura (Servant of the people)
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