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Ukrainian parliamentary elections 2019

Online voting (second, final)

final voting ended!
which political party will you vote for in the in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada 21 July 2019?
Political party "Opposition Platform — For Life"
Self Reliance
Political party "Union "Self Reliance"
Political party "Voice"
All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland"
Agrarian Party
Agrarian Party of Ukraine
Party of Greens of Ukraine
Political party "Independence"
Movement of New Forces
Movement of New Forces of Mykhailo Saakashvili
Political party "All-Ukrainian association "Torch"
Strength and Honor
Political party "Strength and Honor"
Power of people
Political party "Power of people"
Opposition Bloc
Political party "Opposition Bloc"
All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom"
Ukrainian Strategy
Political party "Ukrainian Strategy of Groysman"
Servant of the People
Political party "Servant of the People"
European Solidarity
Political party "European Solidarity"
Radical Party
Political party "Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko"
Political party "Patriot"
Civil Position
Political party "Civil Position"
Power of Law
Political party "Power of Law"
Party of Shariy
Political party "Party of Shariy"
Social Justice
Political party "Social Justice"
Will not vote
Will not vote
17 hours back
The Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regulatory Development and Urban Development recommends that the parliament appoint elections for the mayor of Zolotonosha (Cherkasy region) for March 27, 2022. The elections are being held because the mayor of the city Vitaly Voitsekhovsky won the midterm elections of the people's deputy in district 184 on Oct
7 days back
8 days back
Verkhovna Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk will not sign a submission to the Constitutional Court on the possible postponement of elections to the Rada: "I will not appeal to the Constitutional Court, but I do not object to the right that 45 people's deputies are entitled to apply to the Constitutional Court. I will not sign such a submission."
9 days back